Sunday, 22 July 2012

Went out today with family after more than a month and was exposed to civilization just the second time in the last three weeks! A simple reminder of how the 'everyday' out there in the world outside the mind is such an additive distraction and can so easily sap us into that reality. But what is that reality? Asking why is everyone running and where is everyone going would just be futile and basic. The fact is that everyone out there is and trying to find meaning for their lives through their actions, whether just or unjust, selfish or selfless. Our brain has the capacity to justify any actions which is repeated several times with whatever intentions, good or bad. 

Science has reached the stage where we are getting closer to the unknown and questions like, what is consciousness, what is time itself, what is now, what's the arrow of time and why, how does matter gain mass and why, origin of the universe, is everything a function of consciousness, energy, frequency and their probability. Can we know the answer to these questions through scientific models, evolution of our brain with time or by becoming more self aware through meditation. In any of these cases how are these questions related to why there is poverty, terrorism, unemployment, diseases and other social epidemics. Isn't it the moral responsibility of the brightest minds of our times to focus on these issues as much as on understanding the mind and the universe? How can the age old system of religion lose its relevance to a common man unless he finds solace in scientific answers.

I am beginning to see the meaning of my life and how I could become a 'connector' for all these questions. A facilitator of true knowledge and not just an expert in any one of these subjects. How can I create, nurture, connect, multiply and evolve a large group of humans who are more aware in the true sense to facilitate the process of the inevitable change. What role will leadership from the intellectually gifted and 'aware humans' play in helping human beings in evolving in the right direction and not become self-destructive one day. Concepts like the 'earth economy' and how every popular phenomenon like business, consumerism, fear of shortage have a hidden agenda for the benefit of a handful of people. How can the process of change happen without a destructive chaos? How will the 'more aware' humans play an active role to facilitate the evolution process in the right direction and make the race more sustainable rather than reaching a dead end and exhausting earth. 

Will a third world war actually be trigerred deliberately by a few for their own benefits. How can that be prevented? How can this handful of destructive people be defeated by creating more awareness and a global movement for growth and evolution with the right intention in the right sustainable direction? These are some of the questions of our times. It is time to connect people around the world and prevent our race from racing towards a dead end sooner than later and without even a natural disaster through a force outside or beneath the earth!

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