Sunday, 28 April 2013

What if we lived in a world where our currency was love (instead of money), our richness depended on our capacity to give and receive love and human beings had discovered ways to measure this capacity? The concept of money is the creation of the human mind (like countless other things) and must be replaced with love, for our species to evolve and transform to the next level of existence. Money exists because the level of our species' self awareness has reached that point. Though it seems that, a significant number of humans are waking up to an alternate reality (with a vision of what the future can be), their self awareness is much higher than the global average and are looking to pull the entire human species to match their level of self awareness.

Technology has wired and connected more than half the humans in a quick time and ideas like these are shared across the world. This makes it easier to understand global trends and the forces that drive all humans. However, it will be interesting to see how long does it take for our species to evolve to a higher tangent of reality and existence. Only when one becomes an 'observer' of one one's own life (not just the life of others), there is a clarity and enhancement of awareness which helps one to live in the present moment (because all that there is, is the present moment, time is an illusion) and focus our energy on creating and designing every moment of our life (which we also refer to as the future).

Energy flows where attention goes. What we think, we become. Our brain is the hardware and our mind is the software. Our body is a biological machine and our soul is the source to give life and intelligence to this machine. Therefore it is possible to program our brain/body and engineer our own life and reality.

If the majority of us focused our attention to love, instead of money, an abundant supply of our species' energy will flow in that direction and take us to a higher level of awareness, reality and existence. Love will be the global currency and we will live in peace with each other and nature.