Monday, 9 July 2012

I start this blog today, truly inspired by a man I have followed, observed and looked upto since many years. He is one of my role models. He defines many things for me which help me connect with myself and help me become more self aware. I believe self awareness is a life long journey and every human being needs a connect with an idea, vision, mission or person to truly understand his or her position in this universe. When i cheer for Roger Federer, I do so because of myself and the way 'I' connect with him at what I recognize as the spiritual level. Its not just him as a person but more so is the the phenomenon he represents and how he goes about his life and continues to transform himself through a series of experiences. There is just one more person who defines a similar concept to me and he is Sachin Tendulkar but I will write about him later.

Just the other day, the thought entered my head. I was trying to de-code a champion in my head and what does it take on a practical basis to become and continue to be a champion. Well, I believe there is a strong connection between the design of a champions brain and the people around him who ensure that they continue to play their parts as diligently as the champion goes about playing his part to remain a champion and becomes a better human being. Let me de-codify this now.

To begin with, a champion needs a very strong sense of love in his life. Love for his cause, love for his sport, love for himself, it could be anything abstract as well. This love takes the form of any materialistic thing like a sport or a person. The most successful of the lot have both figured out. They love their sport/cause/business and they also have their wife and/or children who they truly love. Take either of them away from them and it will change their DNA. The person they love also takes care of their mental, emotional and sexual needs and help them perform at their best.

Some part of this role is at times also played by their mentor or life coach. If your life coach happens to be your husband or wife, you are simply lucky. But I would say thats also a tricky situation to be in and there must be two different people.

The second is their physical fitness. They are generally world class fit and have a trainer or a coach who ensures that they are disciplined and continue to be fit as they focus on their performance. I can go on and on about this aspect but you get the point. i will expand on this later. The third is the person who  manages the finances of the champion. Just like any business entity, a champion his the product and heart of the organization and is the CEO and COO. For him to focus on his vision, goals, profits and operational excellence, he needs a brilliant CFO to make sure that his financial sustainability is taken care of.

The fourth is the public relations manager who ensures that the champion is represented in the right manner.

Let me not get lost in these ideas as for now thats not what I want this blog to be about.

I want to write about something I was dreaming or day dreaming about today morning and I am glad I did. Now I have know my strange connection with quantum physics, parallel universe, einstein and psychology. So, I think at the psychic level or quantum level, we can be at many places at the same time. Time loses its relevance and there are just events in what we call the past, present and the future. This means if right now my focus is on writing this blog, it should be completely on it for me to write it effectively. Now if I get distracted at a conscious or sub conscious level then a part of the conscious will actually be in some other place and time. Let me simplify this with this statement I found.

Are we a material form that has consciousness or are we a consciousness that has fashioned for itself, a dance of molecules. If this is a subjective perception, then who is the perceiver? ' I think, therefore I am.' But who is the thinker?

So, I while doing an activity during an event if my mind is at more than one place, then my consciousness is actually divided in different universes and therefore it will have a negative impact on the output of my current activity. I think this is the definition for passion as well. When I am doing a task passionately from my brain and 'heart', my consciousness is also at one place and that helps me focus and perform better. I am at one place at one point of time. I need to explore this area more and its impact on our lives.

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