Saturday, 21 July 2012

Today, I actually lived the day when I consciously chose to be positive and happy. The result, I decided to enroll myself to learn spanish starting next week, read one of the three books which I had been procrastinating and made my family laugh more than they would have for a long time. I also cooked and felt happy and high after a good meal. Its simple - good food = happiness = love

Talking about love, I think a man's capacity to love and actually love is strongly related to his levels of happiness and contentment. I can not be make others around me happy and positive if I am not in that state of mind from within. The key is to identify, what really makes us happy and only focus on doing those things more and more and more. The result will be outstanding and will attract more love in our life. Today I was also 'dream-lining' and was able to put together 40 more ideas besides the 20 that I had around the beginning of the week.

The power of believe is as strong as you can make it to be. There is no limit. To the extent that it can actually make physical changes in the synapses of our brain which will eventually alter our choices and our life as a whole.

Today I visualized a 40 year old me and was actually intimidated. I need to make this vision stronger and who that person is.

Today, I choose to believe that nothing and absolutely nothing can come between me and my life mission except for myself. Everything else is a function of the choices I will make.

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