Monday, 13 August 2012

Today I am going to write about three remarkable things going on in my mind since some time now -

1. There is nothing called future, its an illusion created by the mind perhaps as a survival tool
2. There is nothing called free will, at least mostly
3. To the physicists, cosmologists and other scientists - While you spend time exploring the universe in search for the origin, I will invest my life in just exploring my own mind because beyond where we have reached as a some what intelligent species; we can only solve mysteries by using a more aware mind and the global consciousness where more and more minds think this way.

There is nothing called future - 

Consider this, even the maximum duration of the human life, say about 100 years is so minuscule to the earth life or nature life; that any changes outside our mind happening in the physical nature is bare minimum. Unless of course in case of a natural calamity which alters the future. So what we call as the future is nothing but just an accumulation of the 'nows'. Imagine, everyday when I wake up, when really changes in my outside environment except for my mind looking at things from a different perspective. Either happy or sad, motivated or not so motivated, energetic or not energetic, optimism or pessimism and all the feelings in our head whenever we wake up any given morning.

Ofcourse the influence of what happened in the recent past before we slept and our dreams remain. If a major event has happened in our life even long time back, that will also have an effect. But it is still the 'now' we are talking about. It is the 'state of mind' in the 'now' that determines the next 'now'. When we say one year or 10 years later, I will do xyz. What does it even mean? I have just chosen not to do the xyx at this moment but what I keep doing in every 'now' will itself determine what happens every next second. This is closely connected to another point which is time is an illusion. Even if we believe that the first physical bodies have been around since billion years, in the context of the human existence and our life span, it is equivalent to zero. So time in a 'life' context means nothing.

Ofcourse one day my mind will leave my current physical body but it has nothing to do with time. It is because the nature as of 'now' has evolved our body to survive for not more than 100 years. As of now my mind is not even capable of understanding as to what happens to it after the physical body dies. When I say 100 years, does it mean I am talking about time and its relation to the life of my body? Consider this, if I am put in a dark cell for 100 years and have no idea of day, night, date or year or any calendar; how will my mind understand the 'years' that we talk about or if I am put on an island alone, on a day to day basis, I can only count the number of times the sun comes out and disappears. But does this number defines time. No. The point is, there is nothing in existence except for the now. The variables for the now is created by our own mind in the form of our choice for events and people. I need to explore this further and perhaps one day I might realize that there is nothing called 'now' as well and that everything is an illusion.

No free will - 

Connected to now is the choice we make in every now. So what determines our choice, free will, intuition or experiences in the previous nows (past)? Consider this, more than 90% of the times, we make a choice based on rational thinking and cognition but if we see the root of even that choice or decision, it is influenced by what was our experience the last time we made that choice. This might sound all negative but it is not actually. Even if our choices come from our sub conscious mind, we can work on the sub conscious mind over a period of time to make better choices in every now. This means if we continuously act with positive intent to become a better person everyday, this will gradually become a habit and choices and decisions will be then based on our positive thinking and habits. So even if we don't make most of the decisions with our conscious mind, it is still good enough because our positive sub conscious mind is guiding our choices. The exception to this is when we at times purely act out of a magical inspiration, vision of the future or a powerful intuition which doesn't have any relation to logic or previous experience. The key is to continue to train our mind in the now to only make those choices which will lead to our own positive growth and development and of the world in general.

Exploring the universe through the mind - 

We only have two choices. Either believe that our current mental condition and development is not evolved enough to understand the mysteries of existence and continue to experiment to find the unknown or believe that if we also focus on increasing the awareness of our mind and experiment with what we know, then we have a better chance to understand the unknown. This means the combined use of the more aware global consciousness and scientific experimentation will put is in a better position to understand the mysteries which will otherwise take very long or might never happen at all. Think of the greatest minds of all time like Lionardo Da Vinci and Einstein and how they discovered what they did. They did so because they thought beyond logic, rules and even time. They used their consciousness, imagination and the knowledge of the known (science) in their time. This is the reason why they have been able to find more answers to the unknown than any other human mind has. Imagine what will happen if a movement started where every gifted human combined the power of their consciousness, free imagination and science to understand the unknown and discover answers which will increase our global awareness, the reason for existence and our role in the universe.

The obvious question is should a common man, who is also a believer of an external God, worry about these things? Does he even have the time or space in his brain beyond his everyday struggle to ponder over things like these? The answer is no. But it is a movement of the fortunate great minds which will drive the rest forward. Any change always begins in the mind of one person, then goes to his family, then the neighbourhood, the city, the country and then the world. But it is the responsibility of the great minds to lead this movement and make even a God fearing man realize how he can choose to be positive and have a positive life.

Who should be leading our current civilization?

Imagine the world being led by the great minds who have no hidden agenda, where rich are not created at the cost of increasing the poor and unemployment, where big economies are not built at the cost of putting many others in an inevitable self-destructive debt, where every action is sustainable for every human and the earth as a whole. Our march towards a perfect civilization is over due now and the longer it is delayed, the more difficult it will be overcome the massive challenges of our times. Consider the increase in the income inequality, exponentially growing unemployment, more and more economies collapsing under debt, terrorism, poverty, bigger defence budgets than education and health.

These are all signs of a civilization driven by leaders who have got hidden agendas and their priorities wrong or have just got into a vicious circle of ignorance or just don't know how to come out of it or are just helpless and don't know what to do. An important question also is if the greatest minds of our times have dedicated their lives in science and technology, then why are they not playing a pro-active role in solving the greatest challenges of our times mentioned above? Do they choose not to or is something stopping them or they don't have the mental capacity to? Whatever be the case, they are not fulfilling their role and using their giftedness.

Can the answer lie in leading a global movement of nurturing gifted humans and catalyzing the great minds to act in a manner which will lead our civilization in a positive and not a self-destructive now.

Can social technologies and experience design be the answer to lead this movement and provide the necessary leadership the world needs?

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