Friday, 17 August 2012

A lie told to self is far worse than the one told to others. Getting an alignment of thoughts, words and actions everyday is the most important element to reach our highest human potential. A clear understanding and realization of this fact helps me in understanding the reality better.

If i get a feeling that nobody loves me or i don't think i receive enough love; does that mean that its a reflection of my mind and I don't love myself or love myself enough?

What is it that enables me to be in my 'zone' and what is it that enables me to continue to stay in my zone for a long time?

Why does the sense of existence and life look like it is clouded by some unknown which restricts the level of consciousness. Something that prevents me from the state of 'knowing' and remains at the state of 'believing'?

What role does the 'opportunity cost' play in determining whether we always act to reach our highest potential? e.g - i know that i will only play and exist at my highest potential when i know there is no back up or plan B or cost of not having what i truly want will be equivalent to death in the broad sense and a part of me will die forever if i don't have it. So only if i know this, then i can push myself to my potential. This is seen in the lives of the most evolved human beings and people who reached individual optimum. If my mind knows there is a 'back up' it will use its survival tools and not push its awareness because of a danger of failing. It the materialistic world, this is also applicable while hiring the best people. They are only the ones with the highest opportunity cost. There level of self awareness is the highest.

Every specie perceives reality differently, like humans, animals, birds, insects depending on their nervous system or brain or mind. Does this mean that there are different realities or the reality itself is a function of our perception and the actual reality is something which our mind and current level of awareness are incapable to understand. Its at a dimension higher than what our five senses can understand. Then the question is how can we increase the awareness of our mind to understand the actual reality which is not trapped in space, time and distance?

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