Thursday, 30 August 2012

Following from the commitment I made to myself during the course of writing this blog, these days I am in the phase of experimenting on myself; my ideas, thoughts and beliefs in two different extremes in what I call a military regime. So, I have basically envisioned my next 10-15 years and from there drawn my action steps for the next 4 months, 12 months and 3 years. At present, on a day to day basis; I am trying hard to do most things I have not done for a long period of time in my life; like studying maths,  interacting with the least number of people, spending more and more time with myself, learning spanish, writing my blogs and journals, reading books of my interest, closely following the lives of people i admire, writing in my 'dreamlining' notebook, following a routine by my own choice without outer compulsion. Though I am not the happiest or satisfied with this personal experiment so far, coz i know i can do far better with this experiment and get better results and conclusions. i intend to improvise this with immediate effect. 

A thought crossed my mind today that, now i have pro-actively put myself in a life situation where even if my conscious or sub conscious mind wants to, it can not use any reasons whatsoever to procrastinate anything that I actually want to and should be doing. Though i must say, this experiment has been really challenging so far and i can feel it. Its like living in completely new world realities that no one else but i have created for myself. Why am i doing this? i believe this will catalyze a systemic transformation in my subconscious mind which will ensure i am not just aligned and inspired to what i need to do in life but also  a process which will push to me my next zone of intelligence, intellect and awareness and action.

Its been 3 days of living this new reality and experiment and i have survived so far without much damage. As challenging as it might look right now, i know i am on the right track and there is so much more i can to to make my every now and reality better. The day i will be more content will be the day when i know i am in my zone completely and actions i would love to perform would be effortless. 

i live to know my answers.

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