Tuesday, 31 December 2013

'Life,as I see it' is my attempt to record the impression life creates on me everyday and in every 'now'. It is an exploration of my own mind to understand the people and the world outside. With my growing connection towards understanding and applying social and experience design techniques; I feel a strong need to reflect and apply all that I believe in, on my own self to get completely aligned to my calling – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I believe we as human beings are full of unlimited potential and if our energies are channelized effectively; we can together create a much better world.

I have been fortunate to play the role of a catalyst for several years in more than 10 countries in designing and managing the experiences of thousands of young and talented people all over the world. I am currently engaged with a few start-ups in entrepreneurial roles.

I would like connect to people who relate to my impressions on life and continue this conversation. I believe learning and change is a life long phenomenon and those who live life by this principle are more aware and evolved as human beings. I will be extremely happy to receive any comments and suggestions on any posts or the content as a whole.

Best Wishes for an ongoing exploration with life and hope your days are full of stories, joy, challenges, love and accomplishments which make you truly happy from within.

I am Your's to Dream Big and Live HIGH!



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