Saturday, 4 May 2013

Today's realization dawned in at 4 in  the morning.

The humans in history who took humanity to another level did it because more than anything else, it was their personal quest to find the meaning of their life and existence. Not that they found all the answers but in the process of finding the answers, they became more aware of themselves, of humanity in general and nature. Their heightened awareness then led to those ideas, thoughts, discoveries and inventions. This would have never happened in the first place if they did not already have high self awareness and high intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence (an optimum balance of their left and right brain). If they did not question things and if they were not so curious to find the meaning, purpose and 'why' of life, then they would have been like any other average human. It was their quest for the purpose of our existence and the unknown which led to those shakes and dents in the universe.

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