Thursday, 14 March 2013

When God (for the lack of a better word) conceived the universe He said - Let there be limitless space which will become conscious of its existence and will have the mind to understand the space through time and matter. Let there be limitless energy that will manifest itself in different forms of life and matter. As the awareness of the universe evolves, there will be limitless life forms and the mind will further understand reality/space through other life forms and energy or so called matter. It will be a limitless cyclical journey from zero to infinity and back to zero for all space, energy/matter. Eventually the universe and the equation of reality will always be balanced without remainders. Those life forms or beings who will understand and realize this truth will awaken me in their existence, be enlightened and merge with me and stop going through the limitless cycle of apparent birth, death and reality as they know it. But they will not be able to fully communicate what is it they are enlightened about. They will have the gravity like energy/matter seem to possess and through their existence and awareness, will connect and make all life forms more self aware through the power of love and compassion for nature and life.

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